Tuesday, December 7

K & L Wines Best of 2010 Awards - Charbay Tequila

We are honored to share this glowing review of Charbay Tequila - thanks to K & L and David Driscoll for the continued support, we strive to keep you proud!

"David D Picks: Charbay Blanco Tequila - There's a reason why every distillery I visit is most excited about pouring their eau de vie offerings - successful distillation is about purity of flavor. While reposado and aƱejo tequilas are more popular here in the U.S. with their smooth textures and vanilla flavors, only in blanco tequila can one truly taste the art of distilling. There is no wood to mask off-putting alcohols or soften the harsh heat. It's all there in the bottle and if it wasn't distilled with care, then it won't taste good. I find it both amazing and troubling that Charbay, located in St. Helena, was able to travel down to Mexico and make the best tequila of the year. Shouldn't it take time to figure agave distillation out? I don't know if it's a testimate to the craft of Markos and Miles, or a sign that Mexican distilleries are really behind the times, but the result speaks for itself. Clean, clear, vibrant flavors of citrus fruit, agave, baking spice, and a soft, delicate demeanor. Tasting the spirit along side other blancos just humiliates most other companies. It's about time that craft distilling came to tequila."

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Zachary Taylor said...

I'm not even in the slightest bit surprised that David Driscoll would think so highly of your tequila. I wrote back in August that it was the best tequila at a liquor.com tasting event which featured some heavy hitters. http://www.spiritofthebar.com/2010/08/tequila-tasting-bonanza-by-liquor-dot.html Everything I've heard from both Miles and Marko have impressed upon me exactly why you've been able to make such a fabulous distillate, and the recognition is merited. I haven't heard of another tequila that cooks their agave for 96 hours, except Siete Leguas and they only do that for a portion of their final product. Suffice to say, I'm highly impressed and think more bars would be wise to stock such a fabulous spirit because it is a deal compared to some of the more expensive tequilas.