Thursday, November 18

Charbay News for November

Sit down, you won't believe this... Well, it finally happened.
The Charbay 1983 Brandy from rare Folle Blanche grapes... hand distilled in a Pruhlo Alambic Charentais Copper Pot Still... the brandy we've been talking about since we started... It's ready. Not a lot of it. Over the 27 years of aging, a great deal of it evaporated. But it's bottled, labeled, waxed & topped with the Charbay medallion ...and available here at the Still House. For You.
Miles told Cigar Aficionado, back in 1995, that Charbay brandy would be "...thick and rich, aged so you'd have to eat it with a spoon...." and then the years drifted by... remember in 1997 when Miles & Marko started the artisan fresh fruit flavored Vodka whirlwind! (Life's never been the same). Then they went on to artisan Whiskey in 1999, then Rum, then they went down to Mexico and distilled Tequila... mix in a couple batches of Pastis (never enough)... and more grappa. Lara & Marko grew up with the Brandy barrels always in the background, waiting.

In 1999 Marko became a Master Distiller.

And now it's time for the real honor to be given to Miles: Grand Master Distiller.
We don't know of any Distiller in the world who has personally distilled and released, under their own brand, all four categories of spirits: Brandy (fruit), Whiskey (grain), Rum (grass/sugar cane), Tequila (Agave).

Today - November 8 - the brandy is released.
November 8 has always been an important day in our family.
This year it celebrates all these landmarks:
- the day Miles landed in North America
- Miles' Saint's Day
- the official release date of Charbay Brandy N0.83
-the day Miles officially becomes a Grand Master Distiller.
Thanks for being part of the Charbay family... we hope you'll have a chance to taste and enjoy a bottle of Charbay Brandy N0.83 - a bottle of distilling history.

Available only at the Still House, St. Helena.
It's elegant, toasty with caramel, nutty vanilla flavors and a spicy finish ... and you don't actually need a spoon to enjoy it.

750 ML $350
375 ML $185

We have a new road to Charbay - next time you drive up, watch for the new signs... it's before the mailboxes.

Charbay Still Life Club is open, again -
Now that we've re-opened Club Membership, we are adjusting the name to reflect the artisan spirits we'll be weaving in with the wines. Charbay Still House Club will include the pre-release spirits that we are allowed to sell here. Exclusive and only for those who know Charbay personally.

It's Spring Mountain Saffron season -
Miles, Jenni & I have all brought in a basket full. We separate the three stigma from each flower, allow them to dry and end up with a small bowl of Spring Mountain organic fresh saffron. The aroma fills our living room as it dries on the table. I'll send a photo of the package as soon as it's ready.

We'll have enough this year to sell in the Still House.A good gift idea for someone who loves to cook. Club Members will be receiving a gift package as soon as it's dry. (Club Membership is a nice gift, too).

Here come the holidays. Ready for you to send the best gifts of all - liquid treats. Cigars & a bottle of Port? We can do it. Brandy with a gift note? We can do it. Thanks for being part of the Charbay story.

Warm wishes from our family to you,
Susan & Miles, Marko & Jenni, Dana, Mark, John and Bryan
Orders & Questions: check with John
Questions: Shipping: Dana

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